Friday, January 28, 2005

Breaking News: Dick Cheney Unstylish, Says Washington Post

Dark Lord of Halliburton . Note Beady Eyes

What are we to make of this? To the editorial staff and beat reporters alike at the WaPo, our beloved VP is nothing less than Dark Lord of Halliburton. But even worse than that, it turns out that he is an unstylish Dark Lord of Halliburton. Perhaps he should consider living up to the Lib’s fantasies, and visit whoever is the tailor who makes those cool suits for Dr. Evil and for Dr. No, for Goldfinger and for all the other hell-bent-on-conquering-the-world mad dictators…

Dick Cheney, Dressing Down
Parka, Ski Cap at Odds With Solemnity of Auschwitz Ceremony
By Robin Givhan Washington Post Staff Writer, Friday, January 28, 2005; Page C01

At yesterday's gathering of world leaders in southern Poland to mark the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the United States was represented by Vice President Cheney. The ceremony at the Nazi death camp was outdoors, so those in attendance, such as French President Jacques Chirac and Russian President Vladimir Putin, were wearing dark, formal overcoats and dress shoes or boots. Because it was cold and snowing, they were also wearing gentlemen's hats. In short, they were dressed for the inclement weather as well as the sobriety and dignity of the event…The vice president, however, was dressed in the kind of attire one typically wears to operate a snow blower…Like other attendees, the vice president was wearing a hat. But it was not a fedora or a Stetson or a fur hat or any kind of hat that one might wear to a memorial service as the representative of one's country. Instead …It was the kind of hat a conventioneer might find in a goodie bag… It is also worth mentioning that Cheney was wearing hiking boots -- thick, brown, lace-up ones. Did he think he was going to have to hike the 44 miles from Krakow -- where he had made remarks earlier in the day -- to Auschwitz? His wife, Lynne, was seated next to him. Her coat has a hood, too, and it is essentially a parka…


At 10:52 AM, Blogger firediva said...

Do you think that they would have been criticized if they had worn warm fur coats?


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