Sunday, January 30, 2005

Breaking News: Washington Post Still Hate-Filled

"It was better under Saddam Hussein"

WaPo, Sunday, January 30, 2005. Page A18.

Iraqis Wonder: Was It Worth It? By Doug Struck. BAGHDAD--Iraq on Sunday plans to hold its first free elections in nearly half a century, the fruit of 14 years of conflict with the United States that saw two wars, economic sanctions hat impoverished the country, the chaos of a dictatorship's collapse and now occupation by foreign troops battling a violent opposition they helped to create..."It was better under Saddam Hussein", driver (Ahmed Mohammed)...(if) voters do not turn out in significant numbers, the election’s legitimacy will inevitably be questioned...Twenty-one months after the fall (of Saddam), some Iraqis are asking whether their lives are better now than they were under Hussein. The answers are mixed...Tariq Ibrahim, 59, a retired Oil Ministry surveyor (says) "If you weren't against the regime, they wouldn't bother you, so you just carried on in your life"...Projects built or paid for by the Americans are sabotaged and destroyed by the Iraqi insurgents...Polls indicate that 80 percent of Iraqis want foreign forces to leave..."Of course I am going to vote", snapped Maha Salem, 35, a teacher buying fruit at a stand in a neighborhood called New Baghdad City. "Let me tell you something. Life has become so difficult under the occupation and terrorists' operations that we have to say enough is enough"...
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