Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Newsweek Shills For Zarqawi (Again)

"Hello! Please renew my subscription to Newsweek"

Yet another reminder why I despise the Elite Liberal Media. Believe it or not, these excerpts all come from one page (!) of the current issue of Newsweek Magazine, 1/31/05: Free To Be Angry by Rod Norland "...Iraqis often point out that Saddam Hussein talked about freedom and democracy almost as much as he Americans do...every major poll shows an ever-larger majority of the Iraqis want the Americans to leave...not a single major candidate is campaigning (for elected office) on a pro-American platform...Mostly, Iraqis miss the freedom to read by electric light, or to bathe with running water--which were in extremely short supply in Baghdad the past week...Elections aren't necessarily going to make people feel much better..."On Jan. 31, elections will have triumphed", says one Coalition diplomat. "But democracy will have failed"...(Ghassan al-Attia, Iraqi academic, says)..."the freedom we have is the freedom of the jungle"..."And this democracy we have is a charade"..."My country is heading down the drain"...Last week in the town of Baqubah (cleric Fouad Attiya, 40, says the Americans don't permit anyone to) "...even speak out against the Americans"..."If I call from my mosque for occupation forces to leave my country, does that make me a terrorist? Is this the freedom they are bringing us?" ...uuurrrrgggghhhak (the sound of Suburban Cowboy throwing up in disgust)


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