Wednesday, January 26, 2005

"Red Colonel" Hits Jackpot

WaPo, page B1, 1/26/05: From D.C. Cell to Free Speech Win by Paul Schwartzman. Joe Mayer attended the demonstration downtown that morning in 2002 to protest what was then a brewing conflict in Iraq...he and his daughter were among a mass of protesters arrested, handcuffed and detained (by Washington, DC police)...(this week) the District government acknowledgeed that the arrests were improper and agreed to pay $425,000.00 to Mayer and six others who filed suit."
Sounds simple enough, right? Citizens file suit against police, alleging brutality and false arrest, and win. But of course there's more (there's always more in WaPo Land). Let's continue: (Mayer is) "A 20-year military veteran whose career included stints in Korea and Vietnam". His son-in-law is "Adam Eidinger, an activist who was arrested last week while demonstrating at President Bush's inauguration". Adam Eidinger! Sound familiar?: "Protester Causes Melee at DC Baseball Name Unveiling Mon Nov 22 2004 13:00:00 ET - Baseball's big party got thrown a curveball before it even began. Officials from the sports world and the city government were in Union Station today to confirm what was already widely known -- that the Expos are being re-named the Washington Nationals. But before the media event got underway, D-C Statehood Green Party member Adam Eidinger jumped onto the stage holding a sign protesting Mayor Tony Williams' planned stadium deal. Eidinger was jumped by several men, including former Washington Senators announcer Charlie Brotman. A tussle ensued, and the podium nearly fell over, before security managed to drag Eidinger off stage." (see: And then there's this, at "Police Crack Down on IMF/World Bank Activists By Jason Vest, Posted April 1, 2000 WASHINGTON -- It was around 8 o'clock last Thursday evening when the buzzer rang in activist Adam Eidinger's apartment. Thinking that some of his fellow activists had arrived a bit early for a postering party, Eidinger buzzed the door open and stepped out into the hall. As one of the organizers of protests against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund scheduled for April 16, Eidinger is used to people dropping by in the eveningsā€¦"
But while that kind of thing lends itself to farce, more disturbing is this, regarding Mayer himself: "Mayer's antiwar sentiments are well known to his family and friends, including some military buddies at the Pentagon who he said call him "the red colonel". He said he has participated in demonstrations since the 1980s, when he became involved in the nuclear freeeze movement...When (Ronald) Reagan talked about fighting and winning a nuclear war, it occurred to me that that was insanity, he said."
But then, the red colonel needs to leave the 80s and come to terms wih reality. See:

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