Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Religion of Peace, Part 1

WaPo, page A1, 1/25/05: Read the following, and substitute "Democratic Party" or "Republican Party" for "Religious Parties". Italics added by Suburban Cowboy. Political Islam Put to the Test In Southern Iraq Basra, Iraq, Jan. 24--Along Basra's Algeria street, a bustling thoroughfare as storied and dreary as this city, Adnan Abu Tariq hurried to his trading company office Monday and whispered his plans for Sunday's elections. "I will choose anyone who believes in freedom", the 53-year-old businessman insisted. Furtively, Abu Tariq then looked both ways...(h)e hid his face behind a stack of papers sheathed in a blue folder. And in a murmur, he spoke again, "Anyone but the religious parties".


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