Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Daily Hot Platter

The Girl On Death Row
(1960 - By Duane Eddy and Lee Hazelwood)
This super-cool biscuit springs from the twang!-ified
Chet Atkins model Gretsch guitar of the great Duane Eddy, with menacing vocals courtesy of Lee Hazelwood (of "Nancy & Lee" fame). It's the rumbling slow-tempo tale (think, Link Wray with an attitude) of a good girl gone real, real bad--and a case of mistaken identity, too!

Her eyes were once so full of dreams, her young heart filled with lover's scenes.
Now every second she must borrow, they'll take her life tomorrow.
(Chorus) Is she guilty? She says no, the girl on Death Row.
Now someone holds her tremblin' hand, another says, please understand.
Why can't they see it in her face, another should be in her place?
Her young dreams never will come true, her innocence they never knew.
Until they found the guilty one, now they’re sorry now for what they've done.
But it's late, too late, for the girl on Death Row.
The girl on Death Row, the girl on Death Row.

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