Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dems Unrelenting In Search For Failure

Former Dem Congressman Tim Roemer (D, Indiana) has written a bitter, bitter editorial for today's WaPo (Thursday, February 10, 2005 Page A23 Repairing the Democratic Tent). Roemer's campaign for the Chairmanship of the DNC was scuttled by the Deaniacs and, well, the Dem establishment: "...I am "pro-life," holding a different personal view from many Democrats. Opposition to my candidacy (which I ended today) from the Democratic "choice" constituency was vigorous and unrelenting."
This should not be surprising to Roemer. Suburban Cowboy recalls how these same idiots drove the late Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey from the '92 Democratic Convention:
Here come the wild creatures By John Leo U.S. News & World Report, October 19, 1992 "In nominating Bill Clinton, Mario Cuomo said the Democratic Party stands for the ''politics of inclusion." But inclusion had its limits, so one of the party's most successful governors was not allowed to speak at the convention. Robert Casey of Pennsylvania had the incorrect position on abortion and was therefore excludable. As Nat Hentoff pointed out in the Village Voice, Casey was not just banned. He was rather graphically humiliated by the abortion lobby. One of his political enemies, a woman who had fought many of his programs in Pennsylvania, was brought onstage at the convention and pointedly honored as a ''Republican for Choice."


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