Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Devil In Dr. Kinsey

PBS aired a wildly biased film last night, Kinsey, as part of the ongoing American Experience series. This film is not the similarly titled bomb starring Liam Neeson released last November. You can check out the web site for yourself, at: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/kinsey/index.html. I won’t waste bandwidth pointing out all of the flaws in Kinsey; they are legion. With the release of the theatrical Kinsey last fall and Inside Deep Throat earlier this month, our pop culture avatars have decided, obviously, that the time is right for a revival of Porn Chic, deconstructed.* Suburban Cowboy almost rolled his eyes through the top of his head at this latest piece of disingenuous revisionist nonsense pushed out by the left-wing activists at PBS.
As expected, numerous questions were left unanswered (or simply sloughed over) in PBS’s Kinsey. These include: How did Alfred Kinsey, a trained entomologist transition his academic disciplines to “sexology” (a field that he invented) and maintain any shred of credibility? Why do the filmmakers find it relevant to channel the ghost of Senator Joseph McCarthy once again (a habit they seem to have inherited from the academic left)? Why are the findings of the Rockefeller Foundation (which underwrote Kinsey’s research) statisticians barely mentioned (one short sentence), findings excoriating Kinsey’s research methods as “deeply flawed” and “unprofessional? Why do the filmmakers fall back on the trite cliché that the 1950’s in America were a time of rampant conformity and hostility to all of today’s sacred cows--isn't that untrue and intellectually lazy? Why is no mention made of the dark side of the post-Kinsey Report "sexual revolution", specifically, the rise of incurable venereal diseases, the explosion of teen pregnancies among the very poor, and the tragic erosion of self-esteem created by rampant sexual promiscuity?
And, most troublingly, why was there no mention made of one of the most notorious and horrifying aspects of Kinsey’s research, allegations expounded by Dr. Judith Reisman in her film, The Children of Table 34? Dr. Reisman's film documents her discovery of Dr. Kinsey's systematic sexual abuse of 317 male children, some as young as 5 months of age for his study, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male. Could it be because Reisman is a social conservative, and her film is offered through the conservative Family Research Council? (See, http://www.rsvpamerica.org/TABLE34.htm)
With the release of Kinsey, the PBS Kinsey, Inside Deep Throat, even Boogie Nights, conservatives are again reminded that while they control the engines of politics in the United States, the cultural realm remains firmly in the hands of radical leftists.

* Porn Chic was the name given to a corollary of the so-called sexual liberation movement of the lat 60s and early 70s. In that era, hardcore pornography was moved out of the realm of the filthy, sleazy grind-house movie theatres of NY’s Times Square, and into the penthouses of the upper-east side NYC elite. This is shown in the movie Inside Deep Throat (or at least in the theatrical trailer, which I saw; I have not seen the movie), where Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett, George Plimpton, and many, many people of that ilk are shown smirking their way in to see Deep Throat. Also, there is a pivotal scene in Scorcese’s film Taxi Driver in which degenerate lunatic Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro) escorts the refined NYC socialite Betsy (Cybill Shepherd) to see Behind the Green Door, another Porn Chic classic. Rather than run away from seemingly inbred porn-monger Travis, Betsy gamely goes into the theatre with him (though to her credit she shortly exits, disgusted). That scene accurately presents the way that it was back then. Because the elites considered it to be a good way to piss-off the "Establishment", they embraced it.


At 7:06 PM, Blogger firediva said...

Why would PBS and its followers be interested in the truth in what Kinsey did or did not do....after all there are no facts....just opinion as all Postmodernists know! Thus it makes no difference that Kinsey molested and tortured children - because that would only be one's opinion.
Why would any "human" want to have the human sexual nature equated to that of an insect's? The sacred has been removed and has not been replaced with nothing...thus the emptiness for so many while going through an endless number of "sexual" partners. Very sad, indeed!


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