Sunday, February 06, 2005

Holiday Celebrated With Mass Bloodletting -- But Washington Post Calls It "Red Paint"

WaPo, Sunday, February 6, 2005 Page C10 "CELEBRATION This month's spotlight: Ashura, 10th day of the Islamic New Year. Date: Feb. 19...The day has special meaning for Shiite Muslims, who believe that Hazrat Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammed and a Shiite patriarch, was killed in a battle near Karbala on that date in 680. Ashura begins a 40-day period of mourning that, in Iraq, concludes witth a massive pilgrimage to Hussein's tomb in Karbala."
The article seems to have been written based on information culled from the only one web site cited therein, That web site is, apparently, the product of a Norwegian dilletante and computer scientist named Tore Kjeilen. This Kjeilen illustrates his web site's article about Ashura with a photo showing a parade of young Muslim men covered in what he identifies as "red paint, symbolizing the death of Hussein".
Sorry, Tore, but that's not "red paint". That red liquid spraying everywhere is real human blood. Typically, the Ashura celebrants flagellate themselves with barbed chains until their skin peels from their bodies. Another popular method is to slice one's head with a sharp blade. This is not an aberration within Shia. Literally millions of devout Shiite men will perform this gory ritual on the 19th of February, in parades.
The MSM wants desperately to believe, as the Sojourners and most Mainline Protestant churches say, that Christians, Jews, and Muslims are all one happy monotheistic religion--"Abrahamic Faiths", to use the au courant phrase, with different, though really quite similar, paths to the Father. To that Suburban Cowboy says: Either the WaPo writer of this untruth (named, improbably, Bill Broadway) is too intellectually lazy to research and report what Ashura really is all about, or else his agenda is to make Islam, so different and hostile to Christianity and Judaism, palatable to the vast majority of Americans. Neither choice is acceptable to Suburban Cowboy.

Not "red paint"


At 9:31 PM, Blogger ariana said...

Just wait until Ashura - there will be pictures of mothers and fathers slicing the foreheads of their sons to celebrate this very special bloodletting! In the West this would be considered child abuse....but if that is mentioned, then the West is accused of Western Imperialism!

At 12:26 AM, Blogger Gregory Walters said...

Firstly, thank you Suburban Cowboy for your kind comment on my blog, and I will link to you. Secondly, this is a sad example of pagans who have no knowledge of the one true God. I realize that is very politically incorrect, but that is how I feel. The God I worship does not require me to cut myself or engage in any other idiotic behavior. These people are misled, mistaken, and headed for a huge surprise in the future.


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