Monday, February 07, 2005

Iraqis Prove to Be Sensible, Libs Bitter

The Iraqi people continue to display a common-sense grasp of reality, and a devotion to their own well-being, that eludes most western leftists and liberals. The excerpts below are from WaPo, Monday, February 7, 2005 Page A1, Iraqis Cite Shift in Attitude Since Vote - Mood Seen Moving Against Insurgency By Doug Struck. This article presents numerous wonderful examples of how the newly liberated Iraqi citizenry are reclaiming their humanity in the post-Sadddam world, but (of course!) the WaPo finds it necessary to find something negative to say, sputtering such bile as, " some parts of the country, people remain hostile to the emerging Iraqi authority and supportive, to varying degrees, of the insurgents". But the ever-pragmatic Iraqis don't see it that way: "In Baiji, Iraqi forces arrested 10 people in a raid on Sunday, without triggering an angry public reaction. "Even though he was taking my son away, he was so nice," an 80-year-old woman who identified herself as Um Younis said about a hooded Iraqi security officer. "We were surprised because they had very good manners, so polite, and respected everybody," said Anwar Zuhair Khalaf, 38, whose 21-year-old brother was among those arrested. "They asked me, "Where are the women's rooms?" and when we pointed at their rooms, they did not enter these rooms even though we have an AK-47 in one of these rooms."


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