Thursday, February 03, 2005

…the Left Faces Reality

Further evidence of political anomie drips from the pen of Tina Brown in today’s WaPo: The Difference Between Faint and Fainthearted – Time for Democrats to Divorce the Past (WaPo, Thursday, February 3, 2005, page C1) Some telling excerpts: “Even reporters on the ground in Iraq could hardly believe what they were living through as they watched the power of an idea (representative democracy!-Suburban Cowboy) transmute into the living, breathing form of black-clad women, Marsh Arabs and throngs of Kurdish mountaineers festively making their way to the polls. The father of a young reporter who has spent most of the last two years in Iraq shared with me son’s email from Baghdad. “We journalists are all sitting around and asking each other how we missed what’s clearly a far deeper drive for political and societal change than we realized—it is a measure of our isolation here…” Amazing!--seemingly non-self-righteous insight from a member of the fifth estate! But of course, as with Cohen (see post directly above), such a self-effacing statement must be followed by a Liberal face-save, and the quoted journalist does just that, continuing that despite all it's good, “…(the Iraqi vote) is a measure of how the violence and humiliation of the occupation (italics by Suburban Cowboy) has masked people’s very genuine feelings.”
Well, at least the “young reporter”—Brown’s proxy, after all--is trying to adapt to reality.

Toward the end of the diatribe (er, article), Brown, in an uncharacteristic spasm of clarity and fairness, writes, “That’s why among Democrats there’s a lot of quiet soul-searching going on. Every Bush-hater you meet in New York is engaged with an inner struggle of how much to let go of the past. They are like wives midway through marriage therapy designed to reconcile and foster a new beginning with a feckless husband who has perpetually let them down…” And then, en fin, Brown follows the route taken by her colleague Cohen (who advised fellow Lib / Dems not to “…cave to the mob”) and ends with one more bit of nastiness. Says Tina Brown, “…hang tough, befriend the enemy (i.e., you and me—Suburban Cowboy) and leave revenge to the future.” Make no mistake about it: to Liberal Democrats, Brown’s writing is seen to be “fair and balanced”. Lord help them.


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