Sunday, February 13, 2005

Message to E.J. Dionne: We Understand You

Incredibly, but typically, the lib dems cannot divorce themselves from the idea that they would win every election, at every level of government, if only the American people understood the lib dem positions on the issues. This kind of rhetoric is continually spewed forth in great torrents from lib dem talking heads, columnists, and pundits in the Old Media outlets and is getting tired, rapidly. It's a cliche, and the lib dems owe it to themselves to accept that.
The latest lib dem prognisticator to mouth this idiocy is ultra-leftist WaPo columnist E. J. Dionne, Jr. In his inconclusive piece on Dr. Dean's installation as DNC Chair today (Can Dean Give 'Em A Winner?, WaPo, February 13, 2005, Page B1), Dionne informs his fellow libs that to win future elections, they have to concentrate on such things as: "Establishing the Democrats as strong, tough and trustworthy in fighting terrorism and pursuing a responsible foreign policy" and "Asserting the party's identification with moral values and religion" and so on. This is really pathetic. Think about it; what exactly is Dionne saying? He's saying that although the brilliant ideas formulated by the lib dem elites are obvious to Dionne and his crowd, these same cogent, clear concepts must be "established" and "asserted" to the benighted red staters, who for whatever reason cannot seem to understand their lib dem platform.
But here's some news for Dionne and the whole lib dem establishment: the Red State Voters do understand them, all too well. The fact is, I voted for President Bush, and so did tens of millions of my fellow Americans. Some of us have multiple advanced college degrees, and some of us never completed high school. We represent a wide array of educational experience. But all of us, regardless of level of formal education understand the lib dem position. The lib dems make their positions clear, and we understand them clearly.

And that's why we reject their positions, and vote for conservative political candidates.


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