Friday, February 04, 2005

MSN Slate Reporter: Bush No Better Than North Korean Dictator

Everyone knows that the Leftist-Democrat-Liberal Establishment in this country hates the President...but isn't this a bit too much? First excerpt is from Amnesty International's report on the atrocious, monsterous, Human Rights situation in Kim Jong-il's North Korean Workers' Paradise. Second excerpt is from today's MSN Slate Magazine, whose editors deserve to live in North Korea.

Excerpts from Amnesty International Report on North Korea, 2003. See,

The government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) continued to refuse access to independent human rights monitors. Repression of fundamental freedoms, ill-treatment in prison camps, public executions and religious repression continued to be reported. Food shortages continued and there were fears that economic reforms could adversely affect the poor and vulnerable groups...Public executions were reportedly carried out in places where large crowds gather, with advance notice given to schools, enterprises and farms. Some prisoners were reportedly executed in front of their families. Executions were by hanging or firing squad…Information and access to the country remained tightly restricted. The denial of access to AI and other human rights observers hampered investigation of the human rights situation, although reports suggested serious patterns of violations, including executions, torture, detention of political prisoners and inhumane prison conditions…

Excerpts from today’s Slate Magazine. See,

The Propaganda President
George W. Bush does his best Kim Jong-il

By Jack Shafer Posted Thursday, Feb. 3, 2005, at 5:58 PM PT

If "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-il of North Korea and George W. Bush ever meet, I suspect the two will bond like long-lost brothers. Both men are first-born sons of powerful fathers who partied like adolescents well into their adult lives, after which they submitted to their dynastic fates as heads of state…Both avoid critical thought, preferring to surround themselves with yes men and apply propagandistic slogans to the onrushing complexities of justice, culture, economics, and foreign policy. Bush churns out buzz phrases with the best of them: He believes in "compassionate conservatism" and fancies himself part of the "army of compassion." He's the "reformer with results" who embraces the "culture of life." He shouts his paeans to "liberty" and "freedom" (a combined 27 times during last night's State of the Union speech, according to today's Washington Post) while reducing civil liberties at home. But slogan-chanting is only one small part of an effective propaganda operation. Successful propagandists must also discourage dissenters who might disrupt the party line. And the two best ways to keep people stupid and nodding is by shutting down the information flow and by stiffing the press. At these chores, Bush excels…


At 4:12 PM, Blogger bahiabob said...

My exact sentiments. Good post. Slate Mag is just another leftist mouthpiece spouting mindless drivel. Some people will never get it. Those are the ones constantly repeating the Left's mindless mantras. You know, like "War Is Not The Answer' or "Bush Lied, People Died", and now Bush is Worse Than...(Pick any despot dictator),etc. But I noticed that Castro's name is never inserted. I wonder why? Could it be that Castro is the darling of the wacko left? I found that when these people are faced with logical arguements that debunk their mantras they turn into mini-Deans if you know what I mean. Reason seems to be a commodity only enjoyed by sane people. The Left has proven to be the asylum for the insane. See my blog:
for more.


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