Saturday, February 05, 2005

Red State Sojourners

Last Friday morning Suburban Cowboy posted an entry entitled Hallelujah Hillary Confounds Base, that was a comment on an article (Sister Hillary) from last week's issue of The Economist ( The author of that piece thoroughly marveled at Senator Clinton's recent public protestations of Godly faith. But what Suburban Cowboy marveled at was a quote found therein that said, "Jim Wallis, who has the rare distinction of being both an evangelical preacher and a Kerry voter, points out that the Bible has 3,000 references to alleviating poverty.”
Who is Jim Wallis, you may ask?
Jim Wallis, though not identified as such in the article, is the Editor In Chief of Sojourners Magazine (, and a self-described "Christian leader for social change." Sojourners, for the record, is an extreme left political journal-cum-movement with a novel "religious" slant, which is about the only thing differentiating it from and others of that kind. While Sojourners may be a lot of things, it is hardly representative of the mainstream of American Christian belief. And that does not bode well for hungry liberal Dems salivating for political power.
The problem for the liberal Democrats remains the same as ever. Namely, in their quixotic quest to capture the votes of Red State Americans they simply cannot make the necessary leap into the hearts and minds of those they wish to bring over to their side. They are so alienated from the typical American that they can only approach their intended target through the agency of outside "experts" such as Wallis and Sojourners. But, unfortunately for the Dems, relying on the Sojourners crowd for insight into the lives of traditional American Christians (whether Evangelical Protestant or Catholic) is like getting advice on international politics from Noam Chomsky. But while experiencing the nefarious Chomsky will just leave you with a headache (and, probably, nausea) not even Howard Dean would turn to him for actual, real-world diplomatic advice. Such is not the case with Wallis and his ilk--to the lib Dem intelligensia, their word is golden. And for the Dems, nothing good can come of that. The Sojourners bunch is just too, too far-out to decipher what makes the Red Staters tick.
To stem their seemingly inevitable slide into irrelevancy, the liberal Dems will have to hold their noses, screw up their courage, and take that first baby-step into the real heart of America, into the mysterious and dreaded Red States. Hillary might try sitting down and talking--actually talking!--with the likes of Franklin Graham (that is, a Christian leader who has the ear of, and is respected by, the majority of Red Staters), instead of relying on the pre-approved lib Dem amen corner provided by Jim Wallis and his cohorts at Sojourners.


At 12:48 AM, Blogger Gregory Walters said...

Amen, and amen again. I have watched this Wallis character several times now on political talk shows, and am *so* not impressed. It doesn't take long for the discerning viewer to understand his wildly left-wing, socialist, anti-Bush agenda. I wonder what he would say when pinned down to explain what a Christian is. Bet it would be um...a bit vague? These people are already digging a hole the size of Hillary's mouth for 2008. I love it! God bless President Bush.

At 9:53 PM, Blogger ariana said...

If Wallis is a Christian, the Dalai Lama is the Pope!


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