Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Religion or Realpolitik?

Regarding Sunday’s historic Iraqi vote, today’s WaPo has Richard Cohen making all the usual unsubstantiated assertions from which he and the other lefties seem incapable of refraining: “The vote, while huge in Shiite areas, reportedly was depressed in Sunni areas…If the Sunnis fear that their loss will be absolute, they will not join Iraq’s emerging civil society…” So, in other words, Cohen’s article is nothing more than sour-grapes parroting of the official Democratic Party line, and therefore both pathetic and boring. But my eye did catch something of interest, something that both Dems and Republicans are lax in discussing. Namely, political and social relationships between Muslims and infidels (i.e., everyone else in the world). Cohen writes, “We should not assume that the universal yearning for freedom will translate into a universal respect for minority rights…Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani…for the time being at least, will not even talk to American authorities.” (Unfinished Story in Iraq By Richard Cohen. WaPo, Tuesday, February 1, 2005. Page A17). Think about it: “Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani…for the time being at least, will not even talk to American authorities.” That is an interesting statement. Why is that, you may wonder? Is Ali Sistani some sort of Shiite Metternich, and his refusal to meet with American authorities evidence of his brand of homegrown Realpolitik? Or is it simply because, as a true believing Muslim he is simply following the dictates of his faith?
Consider the following facts, from the web site: Tough FAQ about Islam http://www.freewebs.com/islamfaq/index.htm. “In the past in most Islamic countries Jews, Christians and other minorities were not allowed to go out of their homes on rainy days because a drop of rain could rub from their najis or unclean bodies and soil the Muslims. This belief was responsible for a lot of discrimination and atrocities. But do you know the same rule still exists?!! If you ask (a Muslim) WHY, (he) will reply, because that's what Quran said based on following verse:
009.028 http://www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/quran/009.qmt.html, which says: “YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! Truly the Pagans are unclean; so let them not, after this year of theirs, approach the Sacred Mosque. And if ye fear poverty, soon will Allah enrich you, if He wills, out of His bounty, for Allah is All-knowing, All-wise.”
Obviously Christians and Jews are also considered as Pagans or Mushriks. According to Muslim beliefs, impure things are divided into eleven categories: 1) urine 2) feces 3) sperm 4) corpse 5) blood 6) dog 7) pig 8) unbelievers 9) liquor 10) wine 11) the sweat of those who eat impure things."

Only time will tell if Sistani and his clique will acknowledge what President Bush heroically refers to as the universal yearning for freedom.


At 11:20 AM, Blogger firediva said...

Since all infidels are considered unclean, Sistani will never meet with a non-Muslim...he refused to meet with Paul Bremer...and would refuse to meet with President Bush if requested.
Also in Islamic Law, women - even Muslim women - are considered unclean - such as if a man is praying and a woman walks by, he must redo his preparations and his prayers for them to reach Allah. Dogs also fall into this category.


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