Friday, February 18, 2005

Shi'ite Festival Ashura Begins

Shi'ites celebrate Ashura, 2004.
The Day of Ashura falls on the 10th day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar. It commemorates the death of Husayn bin Ali, the grandson of Muhammad and the third Imam of the Shi'as, at the Battle of Karbala in the year 61 AH (AD 680). The word ashura means simply ten in Arabic; hence the festival's name, literally translated, means "the tenth day". This day is of particular significance to Shi'a Muslims, who consider Husayn a rightful successor of Muhammad. Many Shi'a make pilgrimages on Ashura to the Mashhad al-Husayn, the shrine in Karbala, Iraq that is traditionally held to be Husayn's tomb. Some Shi'as also express mourning by beating themselves on the back with chains (actually, Shi'ite men beat themselves with specialized barbed steel floggers; another preferred method is cutting the scalp with a knife or straight-razor--Suburban Cowboy). This is intended to connect them with Husayn's suffering and death as an aid to salvation on the Day of Judgment.


At 9:26 PM, Blogger firediva said...

There are suicide bombers at the Shi'ite mosques in Baghdad due to the Sunnis considering the Shi'ites heretics......these two divisions in Islam have been fighting for centuries....nothing is going to change that. Al Quada is Sunni/Wahhabi (sometimes considered to fall within one of the 4 "orthodox" Sunni schools of thought)-thus many non Shi'ites consider Iraq as an open target to bring back into the fold of the real Islam (Sunni/Wahhabi). Ashura (celebrated by the Shi'ites, not by the Sunnis, Wahhabis, etc.) is the perfect time to remind the Shi'ites that they needed to return to the one true Islam!


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