Monday, February 14, 2005

Well, At Least He’s Honest About It!

More brilliant insight from this week's New York Magazine:

When Good News Feels Bad

By Kurt Andersen

After Iraq’s vote, New York liberals are in a serious moral-ideological-emotional bind…(and) the only way out is to root for Bush’s victory…The success of the (Iraqi) elections poses a major intellectual-moral-political problem for people in this city (Gee, what a surprise! – Suburban Cowboy)…The cognitive dissonance is palpable…New Yorkers think we are smarter than other Americans, that the richness and difficulty of life here give our intelligence a kind of hard-won depth and nuance and sensitivity to contradictions and ambiguity. We feel we are practically French. Most New Yorkers are also liberals. And most liberals, wherever they live, believe that they are smarter than most conservatives (particularly George W. Bush)…At a media-oligarchy dinner party on Fifth Avenue 72 hours after the (Iraqi) elections, the emotions were highly mixed. The wife of a Democratic Party figure was (like me) unabashedly hopeful about what had happened in Iraq. Across the table, though, the wife of a well-known liberal actor was having none of it; instead, she complained about Fahrenheit 9/11’s being denied an Oscar nomination. And a newspaper éminence grise seemed more inclined to discuss Condoleezza Rice’s unfortunate hairstyle than the vicissitudes of Wolfowitzism. It was the night of the State of the Union speech, but as far as I know, no one (including me) ducked out of the dining room to find a TV. Who really wanted to watch Bush take his victory lap?…Like most New Yorkers, I disagree with the Bush administration politically, temperamentally, and ontologically most of the time…


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