Saturday, March 05, 2005

Breaking News: Left-Wing Extremists Uncover Metaphysical Nature of God

Kristen Lombardi (extreme leftist gay-activist writer, Boston Phoenix), Jim Wallis (extreme leftist neo-christian, founder of radical Sojourners magazine), and Michael Lerner (extreme leftist self appointed Rabbi, founder of radical new-age Tikkun magazine) offer their sage advice to St. Hillary on how to "get religion":

God Is a Centrist Democrat
Hillary Clinton moves self, whole party into the religious middle
by Kristen Lombardi
If it's true that the Democratic Party is about to get religion, then Hillary Clinton is first at the altar. Much has been made of Clinton's newly softened imageā€”the way she tore down her old liberal icon and got spiritual over abortion, for instance. She told an Albany crowd on January 24 that abortion represents "a sad, even tragic choice to many, many women," and singled out "religious and moral values" as an antidote to teenage sex. Never mind the New York junior senator's continued advice that pro-choice activists find "common ground" with their anti-abortion counterparts...,lombardi1,61604,6.html


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