Friday, March 25, 2005

nau-se-a (nôz-, -zh, -s-, -sh)

nau-se-a (nôz-, -zh, -s-, -sh)

1. A feeling of sickness in the stomach characterized by an urge to vomit..
2. Strong aversion; disgust.

Here we go again! Wealthy NY Times left-wing propagandist/columnist Bob Herbert indulges his (and all liberals’) far-out fantasy of collectivist wealth-redistribution, and, naturally!, throws in some gratuitous mean-spirited comments about the American hoi-polloi, who are, apparently, so "distracted" by tabloid TV that they almost deserve to be exploited by the GOP fat-cats. Thank goodness that Bob is there to set us straight:

First, Comrade Bob identifies the "problem"...
“President Bush believes in an "ownership" society, which means that except for the wealthy, you're on your own. The president's budget would cut funding for Medicaid, food stamps, education, transportation, health care for veterans, law enforcement, medical research and safety inspections for food and drugs. And, of course, it contains big new tax cuts for the wealthy. These are the new American priorities. Republicans will tell you they were ratified in the last presidential election. We may be locked in a long and costly war, and federal deficits may be spiraling toward the moon, but the era of shared sacrifices is over. This is the era of entrenched exploitation. All sacrifices will be made by working people and the poor, and the vast bulk of the benefits will accrue to the rich.
F.D.R. would have stared slack-jawed at this madness. Even his grand Social Security edifice is under assault by the vandals of the G.O.P….”

…and then he blames YOU for it!
“While the press and the public are distracted by one sensational news story after another - Terri Schiavo, Michael Jackson, steroids in baseball, etc. - the president and his party have continued their extraordinary campaign to undermine the programs that were designed to fend off destitution and provide a reasonable foundation of economic security for those not blessed with great wealth..."


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