Wednesday, March 23, 2005

New York Elites Praise Public Sculpture: "Pregnant, Mutilated Virgin Mary with Dangling Fetus"

What more can I possibly say about this? As Christians throughout the world celebrate Holy Week, the cultural elites give us a 35 foot tall bronze sculpture of a mutilated Virgin Mary, complete with dead fetus...

"Back uptown, a small group of youths gathered around Lever House owner Aby Rosen's newest acquisition, (Artist Damien) Hirst's thirty-five-foot-tall pregnant Madonna (or "The Virgin Mother"), installed on the building's Park Avenue plaza. Staring at her animal-skull head and the fetus dangling from her exposed abdomen, one asked, "What does it mean?" His friend was quick to answer: "It's art, man." Hirst could not have said it better..."


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