Sunday, March 20, 2005

Washington Post: Americans Sexually and Racially Pathological

Two weeks ago in an Atlanta courthouse, Brian Nichols went on a murderous rampage. Then he escaped, eventually taking a woman named Ashley Smith hostage. Here's the Washington Post's account: "Nichols, who was on trial for rape and on the run from allegedly killing a judge, two law enforcement officers and a court reporter, shoved Smith into her own apartment in suburban Atlanta at 2 a.m., tied her up and held her at gunpoint. During the next seven hours, while the southeastern United States was the setting for a massive manhunt broadcast on national television, the 26-year-old widow and waitress persuaded him to untie her, then to talk about God and a divine purpose to their troubled lives. She read a bit from Chapter 33 from "The Purpose-Driven Life," the best-selling Christian book by Rick Warren. The chapter is titled "How Real Servants Act" and begins, "We serve God by serving others." Smith cooked him breakfast, pancakes and eggs. And, a few hours later, he let her go and then he peacefully surrendered. Onlookers burst into applause."

BUT: That uplifting, miraculous, and utterly Christian story cannot pass muster with the WaPo editorial staff...

"Still, there are things that lie beneath the surface that are nonetheless part of the world in which we live. Smith is white, Nichols black. In the Deep South, an accused black rapist taking a white woman captive cannot help but carry the baggage of the region's -- or the nation's -- racial and sexual pathologies..."

Well, at least the WaPo editors aren't biased!


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