Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Why Does the Left Want to Kill Terri Schiavo?

Why does the Left want to kill Terri Schiavo? The reason is not complex—they want her to die because they want the Federal Courts, rather than the Congress, to define and set the parameters of “life”. There are two reasons for this. First, the American Leftist Elite still adheres to the old canard that the typical American KKK-Racist-Idiot-Anti-Semite-Homophobic-Sexist-Xenophobe cannot be trusted to send “progressive” representatives to Washington. And, they reason, if the troglodytic masses continue to vote in Conservatives, their hateful Leftist agenda may never totally emerge from under the rock where it belongs (though I doubt they'd phrase it that way!). Second, and more important, is that by vesting all decisions relating to “life” in the Federal Courts, which are of course already predominantly liberal (think: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals), the Left has a better chance of seeing its program come to fruition—its program in this case being unfettered access, forever, to abortion on demand. The future Liberal paradise includes Communist Chinese-style Government control of the actual physical population of the United States, apparently.

Furthermore, it seems to me to be grotesque that Liberals, who by nature want Government intervention in every aspect of your life (controlling where you can smoke, what you can eat, what your kids need to know about sex, etc. etc. etc.) now suddenly crow that they are the champions of the heretofore unheard of “Right to Die”. Terri Schiavo, they wail and moan, must be “allowed” to die, free from perfidious Governmental interference… It is without a doubt the most sickening display of cynical hypocrisy that I’ve ever seen.

Extreme leftist ideologue William Saletan (Columnist, Slate Magazine; Chief Political Correspondent, Air America Radio; various left-wing blogs, ‘zines, and so on) has a piece in today’s Slate Magazine, Culture Vultures - Terri Schiavo's persistent legislative state. (http://slate.msn.com/id/2115123). As per usual with compassionate, caring, loving, liberals, the article (editorial, actually) is cruel and spiteful, and muddle-headed. The fact is, as even Saletan, reports over and over again, is that Terri Schiavo does exhibit signs of cognizance…writes Saletan: “Schiavo's parents have circulated video clips purporting to show that their daughter responds to stimuli. Skeptics point out that the clips omit hours of unresponsiveness—suggesting that her "responses" may be random—and that doctors who examined her in person concluded that she wasn't really interacting with other people. Still, the videos tell a story. In one, Schiavo gags over an oral swab, and a male voice comments, "She don't like that, does she?" In another, her eyes fail to follow a balloon, and a voice says, "Terri, no, no. Come on." Then her eyes move, and the voice infers, "Oh, you see that, don't you, huh?" Schiavo's eyes bug out in a couple of videos, but only when her head slips—or is moved by her mother—from its resting place. A voice in the background tells her, "Good job!" The videos are agonizing not because they show a woman regaining awareness, but because they show the people around her laboring to interpret every twitch that way. In some scenes, Schiavo's mother speaks to her, kisses her, and shifts her position. The longest video, made surreptitiously by Schiavo's parents in violation of a court order, depicts them fishing for reactions. In the five-minute clip, her mother repeats one word 40 to 50 times. The word is "mommy" or "ma." When Schiavo fails to respond to a cue, her mother prods, "Look over at mommy." "Come on," she tells her daughter. "Over here," she says. "Hey." Not until the mother gets right up in the daughter's face does the daughter make a sound resembling a moan. If the daughter is expressing something about her mother, it looks as close to misery as to joy.”

So despite all this, in the eyes of the dogmatic Left, Terri Schiavo deserves to die. And all this is done in the name of a hate-filled Leftist political agenda.


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