Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A hallucination is a fact...

A hallucination is a fact, not an error; what is erroneous is a judgment based upon it.
--Betrand Russell, “On the Nature of Acquaintance: Neutral Monism,” (1914)

This week’s New York Magazine features a strange story about secular saint Seymour Hersh, of the holy New York Times. Hersh, it seems, is really two journalists in one: “There are two Hershes, really. Seymour M. is the byline. He navigates readers through the byzantine world of America’s overlapping national-security bureaucracies, and his stories form what Hersh has taken to calling an “alternative history” of the Bush administration since September 11, 2001. Then there’s Sy. He’s the public speaker, the pundit. On the podium, Sy is willing to tell a story that’s not quite right, in order to convey a Larger Truth. “Sometimes I change events, dates, and places in a certain way to protect people,” Hersh told me. “I can’t fudge what I write. But I can certainly fudge what I say.” http://newyorkmetro.com/nymetro/news/people/features/11719/index.html

It’s Seymour M. who interests me. Note that New York Magazine blithely lauds Hersh for his dedication to exposing an “alternative history” of the Bush administration. Alternative History: the Watchword of the PoMo Left. Howard Zinn has made a career out of repeating (or is it fabricating?) such biased folderol. Ditto for Noam Chomsky and his legions of dilletantish acolytes. Ham-fisted monstrosity Michael Moore made a mint off of it. Even the MSM has gotten into the act, as evidenced by a recent fantasy-cum-journalistic exercise published in the Los Angeles Times under the byline of antediluvian Leftist Robert Scheer. Writes Scheer, “ Is Al Qaeda Just a Bush Boogeyman? Is it conceivable that Al Qaeda, as defined by President Bush as the center of a vast and well-organized international terrorist conspiracy, does not exist?”

Lest you think that Scheer is having a florid LSD flashback, consider that fact that Scheer’s “article” is actually a shill for a film aired on BBC in 2004, The Power of Nightmares by academic disinformationist and MSM darling Adam Curtis. Says the London Observer, “"if there has been a theme in Curtis's work since, it has been to look at how different elites have tried to impose an ideology on their times, and the tragi-comic consequences of those attempts." http://www.answers.com/topic/adam-curtis. Adds Curtis, “The central claims are that politicians have exaggerated the scale of the terrorist threat, from which they offer to protect us; that the fortunes of neo-conservatism and radical Islamism are closely connected; and that popular beliefs about these groups are inaccurate.” http://www.answers.com/main/ntquery;jsessionid=1m394abcnt6i9?method=4&dsid=2222&dekey=The+Power+of+Nightmares&gwp=8&curtab=2222_1&sbid=lc03a

What is the root cause of all of this paranoia? Simply put, the people who subscribe to such beliefs—and there are millions of them; they are called Leftists in Europe, Liberals in the US—have a worldview based in Post-Modern Identity Politics and Neo-Marxist Analysis, topped with a generous dollop of emotional instability.

The worldwide Left has been gelded. The God That Failed (see, http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0231123957/102-3860228-9248124?v=glance) has failed them, indeed.

Characteristically, the Left cannot conceive of the possibility that it is their beloved socialism that is flawed. The Leftist thinks—knows!--that it has to be lies, damnable lies fomented by the “Neo-Cons” that has placed the Left permanently into the losing role.

And therein lies the real tragedy of the Left.


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