Monday, April 04, 2005

Leftwing Catholics Spew Hatred of Fallen Pope

A leftwing Catholic group in France has issued a statement denouncing the late John Paul II as a bloodthirsty reactionary, according to Agence France-Presse. The group, whose French name "Nous Sommes Aussi l'Église" (NSAE) means, "We Are Also The Church," accused the deceased Pope of a "total rejection of democracy," of "supporting, even giving his blessing to, Latin American dictatorships" and of involving the Vatican in "powerful – even Mafia-like – financial systems, and in financial and economic oppression." (via FreeRepublic)

NSAE was founded by Jacques Jean Edmond Georges Gaillot, who was formerly bishop of Evreux in Normandy. John Paul II stripped Gaillot of his bishopric in 1995 after the rebel cleric repeatedly refused to cease his public denunciations of the Church, of which the above quotations provide characteristic examples.

Nicknamed the "red cleric" for his communist sympathies, Gaillot has delighted the left with such antics as chaining himself to a tenement to protest homelessness, and shipping out with a Greenpeace vessel to harass French naval forces engaged in nuclear testing in the Pacific. Needless to say, Gaillot is an impassioned apologist for Palestinian violence.

Following his demotion, Jacques Gaillot took to the Internet, with a Web site called His group NSAE claims 400 members.

Despite the venom gushing forth from Gaillot's 400 acolytes, John Paul II was a true friend of the poor, both in word and deed. As John Zmirak notes in the FrontPage article, "Why the Left Hates the Church" – the same article, by the way, which Steven Plaut cites below:

"One of the most surprising aspects of the contemporary Left is its inveterate hostility to the Catholic Church around the world. You’d think that a political tendency whose ostensible purpose is the betterment of the poor would look with favor on the single largest provider on earth of private charity, health care, free education and housing for the needy. … Instead, the Left has focused on issues which really appeal to its privileged constituency—namely, preserving and extending the sexual libertinism that became respectable in the 1960s."

John Paul II is widely known for his role in toppling the Soviet empire. Less well-known are the warnings he issued against an "unbridled capitalism," unrestrained by charity, humility, justice and compassion.
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