Saturday, April 09, 2005

Nov 1998 - "I think I'll take a bath in his blood."

  • Mar 1988 - "When I fight someone, I want to break his will. I want to take his manhood. I want to rip out his heart and show it to him."
  • 18 Jul 1991 - In his hotel room, boxer Mike Tyson rapes Desiree Washington, a Miss Black America contestant.
  • 28 Jun 1997 - During the third round of a title fight, boxer Mike Tyson is disqualified after biting off a one-inch portion of Evander Holyfield's right ear.
  • 14 Sep 2000 - "I'm on the Zoloft to keep me from killing y'all. ... It has really messed me up, and I don't want to be taking it, but they are concerned about the fact that I am a violent person, almost an animal. And they only want me to be an animal in the ring."
  • 1 May 2002 - During a press conference, boxer Mike Tyson tells reporters: "I wish that you guys had children so I could kick them in the fucking head or stomp on their testicles so you could feel my pain because that's the pain I have waking up every day."
  • 21 Jun 2003 - Mike Tyson allegedly beats the crap out of two autograph seekers in the lobby of the Brooklyn Marriott.

El Naar and I were in Borders Books & Music, at White Flint Mall in Rockville, Maryland, today, perusing magazines and books—when there in front of me was Mike Tyson, holding the hand of a cute little girl of about 8 years. I said, “Hey, Champ…how about an autograph?” El Naar handed me a pen and Tyson said, “What’s your name?” He gave me the autograph, which he had to write a second time because he spelled my name wrong the first time. He seemed like a really nice guy, though.


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