Thursday, April 21, 2005

" large, unified, Jew-threatening juggernaut."

I am not a Roman Catholic. In fact, as a conservative, Orthodox Lutheran (Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod) my religious beliefs stand in radical opposition to Roman Catholic dogma and practice. But nevertheless I admire the new Pope, Benedict XVI for his strong stance on the primacy of European (i.e., Western) culture. He is right; the primary dilemma facing the Christian Church today is that of Moral Relativism.

This idea eludes today’s liberal, post-modern atheistic elites. They worship at a different altar—that of so-called “socials justice”. To people of that persuasion, the Christian Church is just another institution that of course needs to be torn down and reassembled to conform to their idealized quasi-Marxist Dictatorship of the Know-It-All Do-Gooders (I jest—but really, this is a serious problem).

In today's WaPo, Richard Cohen uses his opinion column to advocate the destruction of Christianity. Oh, on the surface it seems that Cohen is actually just calling for a "reform" of the existing Roman Catholic Church...but he actually has a darker, more sinister agenda in mind.

As atheists (that is, as people who do not believe in the literal existence of a transcendental God) Liberals like Cohen claim to want to “fix” Christianity by the imposition of plethora of trendy (since the late ‘60s, that is) programs, chief among them the issues of gay rights, birth control, and the Ordination of married persons.

In other words, all that matters to the Leftist elites is the adoption, by the Roman Catholic Church, of their own secular agenda.

Why would a Jewish atheist like Richard Cohen be so concerned about these issues of Catholic dogma? Cohen would tell you that because he is so concerned about the spread of AIDS in the third world that he supports any policies that advocate the use of birth control (chiefly condoms). As for the ordination of women, well, that’s just his knee-jerk support for boilerplate rhetoric from Leftist feminism—i.e., by abjuring the ordination of women, the Catholic Church is being horribly, unreasonably discriminatory. I’m not sure what Cohen would say to defend his support for a married Priesthood. Presumably he is concerned about the deficit of parish priests in the United States...

So let’s examine these points a bit more deeply. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Would the advocacy of a birth control and especially condom use by the Papacy affect the spread of AIDS in Africa? What about the widespread cultural disdain of condom use n traditional African culture? Does Cohen think that condom use among the poor in the third world would spread, given a Papal Blessing? What is Cohen’s true motive?
  2. Does Cohen advocate the “ordination” of female Muslim Imams? What about female Orthodox Rabbis? What about a female Dalai Lama? Or only for Catholic Priests and Nuns? What is Cohen’s true motive?
  3. Why on earth does Cohen care if Catholic priests were permitted to marry? What is Cohen’s true motive?

Indeed, what is Cohen’s true motive? There is only one answer, and that is the destruction of the venerable Roman Catholic Church, and by proxy, all Christendom. Leftist ideologues like Cohen discern no difference between the Catholic, Methodist, or Eastern Orthodox Churches—they are all repressive, to varying degrees, and must "reform or die".

This point has been made succinctly by Rabbi Daniel Lapin (an Orthodox Jew) in his wonderful book, “America’s Real War”. Writes the Rabbi, “Similar observations over the years have convinced me that most American Jews are highly ignorant about Christians, their beliefs and their practices. I am quite sure that the majority of Jews, even if capable of distinguishing between Catholicism and Protestantism, would be utterly without a clue as to the differences between Baptists, Lutherans. Mennonites, and Presbyterians. Let alone do they realize that these are but a small sampling of Christian groups. This Jewish failure to understand the diversity within Christianity turns the entire non-Jewish world into one large, unified, Jew-threatening juggernaut. Ignorance is always the seed of bigotry, and a stepping stone to hostility”.

Amen, Rabbi, Amen.


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