Thursday, April 28, 2005

Questions for the Blue Staters

Do you think that outside-of-the-US travel makes you worldly? Do you think that eating at the latest trendy restaurant makes you a sophisticate? Do you think that going to the Opera give you elan? Do you believe that visiting a museum exhibit demonstrates that you have a high IQ? Do you feel that atheism and/or a mindless "acceptance" of Islam makes you compassionate?

Sadly, this is what passes for a true life among the Blue State Elites. When they talk about the troglodytic lifestyles of the Red State hordes--that is, whenever they talk about the Red Staters, period--they mean that those unfortunate rustics do not or will not avail themselves of such urban pleasures as listed above.
I have personally known such human being manques as this. They think they are the cultural ne plus ultra...but I call them middlebrows.
Socrates probably never traveled far from Athens. da Vinci is not remembered as a gourmand. Isaac Newton probably couldn't tell a Merlot from a Chardonnay. Dante Alighieri despised Islam.
I guess they'd be called rednecks today!


At 12:28 PM, Blogger jedmunds said...

Yes to all questions except the islam one. I hate islam as much as I hate any other religion, perhaps more so. But then, they aren't real yesses to your other questions either, just ironic ones. But the truth is, yes I am better than you, and it is because I am an urbane sophisticate. But I don't go to the opera and I hate trendy restaurants and museums. I am merely a man of class and taste and a bit of discernment.

What's it like to have your politics fueled by resentment and paranoid belief that others are looking down at you?

Carry on.

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