Friday, May 06, 2005

Georgetown U Staff Forgets Their Diversity Training

Georgetown sued for anti-hetero job bias
Lawsuit says gay supervisors favored ‘young handsome men’

May. 06, 2005

Georgetown University’s computer services department allegedly violated the D.C. Human Rights Act by giving an unfair advantage to good-looking young men in its hiring and promotion practices before it eliminated the jobs of older, mostly female employees in a 2003 staff downsizing move, according to a lawsuit filed last week in D.C. Superior Court...

Breaking News: Amsterdam Not Gay Paradise

From the Washington Blade, the local Gay and Lesbian etc. newspaper, an article entitled "Looking hate in the face".
In a nutshell: The author, a gay man, was walking through a park in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with his boyfriend. Amsterdam, according to the author, is "arguably the "gay-friendliest" place on the planet." While strolling along in this socialist paradise, ("There are laws protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation, there are hate crime laws, and Holland is one of only a handful of countries where gay couples can legally marry") they are attacked and seriously beaten by a mob of 7 to 10 men with "Moroccan features" who "spoke with a heavy accent(s)". While being attacked they are called "fucking fags" by their assailants.

But what is outstanding about this article is this:
a. The word "Muslim" is never used in the article to describe the "Morrocan-featured", "accented" homophobes; and
b. The author writes, "As a child of the South, where "fag" and "queer" were everyday insults, I would have expected a fist to the face somewhere back home for sure."

Conclusion: You can't even beat sense into the heads of Liberals.

Afghan Woman Tortured to Death by Members of Evil Death Cult (Nothing Surprising Here)

Today's WaPo attempts a whitewash of Muslim savagery--blaming the cruel and usual punishment of stoning meted out to an adulterous woman more on "tradition" than on Islamic (Sharia) law...See,

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

An Appreciation

This blog would not be what it is today without the contribution of its top correspondent, El Naar Haninah. :-)

Their Jihad, and Mine

John McCandlish injects a rare note of sanity into the delusional Leftist worrldview of America's Al Jazeera Franchise, the Washington Post:

When Columnists Cry "Jihad"

By John McCandlish Phillips
Wednesday, May 4, 2005; A19

I have been looking at myself, and millions of my brethren, fellow evangelicals along with traditional Catholics, in a ghastly arcade mirror lately -- courtesy of this newspaper and the New York Times. Readers have been assured, among other dreadful things, that we are living in "a theocracy" and that this theocratic federal state has reached the dire level of -- hold your breath -- a "jihad."

In more than 50 years of direct engagement in and observation of the major news media I have never encountered anything remotely like the fear and loathing lavished on us by opinion mongers in these world-class newspapers in the past 40 days. If I had a $5 bill for every time the word "frightening" and its close lexicographical kin have appeared in the Times and The Post, with an accusatory finger pointed at the Christian right, I could take my stack to the stock market.

I come at this with an insider/outsider vantage and with real affection for many of those engaged in this enterprise. When the Times put me on its reporting staff, I was the only evangelical Christian among some 275 news and editorial employees, and certainly the only one who kept a leather-bound Bible on his desk…

The opening salvo of the heavy rhetorical artillery to which I object came in on March 24, when Maureen Dowd started her column in the Times with the declaration "Oh my God, we really are in a theocracy." …

Three days later Frank Rich, an often acute, broadly knowledgeable and witty cultural observer, sweepingly informed us that, under the effects of "the God racket" as now pursued in Washington, "government, culture, science, medicine and the rule of law are all under threat from an emboldened religious minority out to remake America according to its dogma." He went on to tell Times readers that GOP zealots in Congress and the White House have edged our country over into "a full-scale jihad." If Rich were to have the misfortune to live for one week in a genuine jihad, and the unlikely fortune to survive it, he would temper his categorization of the perceived President Bush-driven jihad by a minimum of 77 percent. If any "emboldened minority" is aiming to "remake America according to its dogma," it seems to many evangelicals and Catholics that it is the vanguard wanting, say, the compact of marriage to be stretched in its historic definition to include men cohabiting with men and women with women. That is, in terms of the history of this nation, a most pronounced and revolutionary novelty.

From March 24 through April 23 (when The Post twinned Colbert I. King's "Hijacking Christianity" with Paul Gaston's "Smearing Christian Judges"), I counted 13 opinion columns of similarly alarmist tone aimed at us on the Christian right: two more in The Post by the generally amiable and highly communicative Richard Cohen headlined "Backward Evolution" and "Faith-Based Pandering"; one by his colleague, the urbane Eugene Robinson, "Art vs. the Church Lady" (lamenting that "the pall of religiosity hanging over the city was reaching gas-mask stage"); and three by Dowd, two by Paul Krugman and three by Rich in the Times.

In "What's Going On" [March 29], Krugman darkly implied that some committed religious believers in our nation bear a menacing resemblance to Islamic extremists, by which he did not mean a few crazed crackpots but a quite broad swath of red-staters. In "An Academic Question" [April 5], Krugman, conceding the wide majority of secular liberals over conservatives on the faculties of our major universities, had the supreme chutzpah to tell us why: The former, unfettered by presuppositions of faith, are free to commit genuine investigative work and to reach valid scholarly conclusions, while the latter are disabled in that critical respect by their unprovable prior assumptions. So they are disqualified as a class from the university enterprise by their unfortunate susceptibility to the God hypothesis…

And while America suffers under the weight of Christian theocratic oppression, the rational, peaceful religion of Islam presents us with the following enlightened experiences:

Islamic court sentences 7 gamblers to flogging
BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (AFP) - An Islamic sharia court in the staunchly-Muslim Indonesian province of Aceh has sentenced seven men to a public lashing for petty gambling offences, a report said Sunday…

Captured Iraqi Terrorist 'Adnan Elias: We Beheaded a Policeman, Filled His Corpse with TNT, and Used It to Blow Up Others…

PA Media and Universities Promote Terrorism, Hatred, and Jihad.

Despite Abbas’ well-polished image as a moderate, his administration has been presiding over an incessant campaign of incitement against Israel that spans the media and university centers.

The Way, The "Truth", and The Lie (of the Left)

"Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world,
and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people."
--Karl Marx, "Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's "Philosophy of Right"

The Way of the Cross and Abu Ghraib

29 April 2005
St. Paul's Episcopal Church in East Norwalk, Connecticut, has installed controversial new Stations of the Cross that include paintings depicting the war in Iraq and the abuses at Abu Ghraib alongside traditional Christian images in a contemporary exploration of crucifixion iconography. New York City artist Gwyneth Leech, who was commissioned for the work last year, explained that the photographs of torture and abuse of both detainees and U.S. soldiers and contract workers "'turned the Way of the Cross into a contemporary narrative.'"

Liberal Humanism...Leftist Reality

"Everything that exists deserves to perish." – Karl Marx, quoting Goethe's devil in "The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon"

Why America needs to be Defeated in Iraq
By Mike Whitney
May 1, 2005, 12:35

The greatest moral quandary of our day is whether we, as Americans, support the Iraqi insurgency. It’s an issue that has caused anti-war Leftists the same pangs of conscience that many felt 30 years ago in their opposition to the Vietnam War. The specter of disloyalty weighs heavily on all of us, even those who’ve never been inclined to wave flags or champion the notion of American “Exceptionalism”.
For myself, I can say without hesitation that I support the "insurgency", and would do so even if my only 21 year old son was serving in Iraq. There’s simply no other morally acceptable option...

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Memory Hole Blog Entry

I posted a new entry in my Memory Hole blog today (see address, above).