Friday, May 06, 2005

Breaking News: Amsterdam Not Gay Paradise

From the Washington Blade, the local Gay and Lesbian etc. newspaper, an article entitled "Looking hate in the face".
In a nutshell: The author, a gay man, was walking through a park in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with his boyfriend. Amsterdam, according to the author, is "arguably the "gay-friendliest" place on the planet." While strolling along in this socialist paradise, ("There are laws protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation, there are hate crime laws, and Holland is one of only a handful of countries where gay couples can legally marry") they are attacked and seriously beaten by a mob of 7 to 10 men with "Moroccan features" who "spoke with a heavy accent(s)". While being attacked they are called "fucking fags" by their assailants.

But what is outstanding about this article is this:
a. The word "Muslim" is never used in the article to describe the "Morrocan-featured", "accented" homophobes; and
b. The author writes, "As a child of the South, where "fag" and "queer" were everyday insults, I would have expected a fist to the face somewhere back home for sure."

Conclusion: You can't even beat sense into the heads of Liberals.


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