Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another Blog: Memory Hole

Although I will continue to post articles in this blog concerning issues of culture and politics, I have created another blog, called Memory Hole, in which I post articles and thoughts about linguistics and language-related topics. The address is: It's a doubleplusgood read, comrade!


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At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The matter yielded by an analysis of the dream stands in intimate relationship with the dream content, but this relationship is so special that I should never have been able to have inferred the new discoveries directly from the dream itself.. All this was in a vague notion, which everybody had and has, that this second life would eventually bring out some great results, unknown at present, to somebody somewhere.. A glance at Robert's elimination theory, will show that we must agree with this author in his main point, viz.. The stimulus to the sense by which the investigator affects the sleeper is not properly recognized in the dream, but is intermingled with a number of indefinite interpretations, whose determination appears left to psychical free-will.. I answer, of course, that only the analysis can decide the meaning of this dream, although I admit that at first sight it seems sensible and coherent, and looks like the opposite of a wish-fulfillment.. He was aglow with happiness; he was taking home a wife.. His mental resolves had just reached this point when a new thought made itself known.. Alack! the Colonel's face was equally flushed, and his own beady eyes were on his desk. Some of them, like Professor Boris Sidis, reach at times conclusions which are strangely similar to Freud's, but in their ignorance of psychoanalytic literature, they fail to credit Freud for observations antedating theirs.. Some of them were shocked when he suddenly and vigorously ejaculated: Hannah-Maria-Jemimy! goldarn an' blue blazes! He had suddenly remembered having placed his memoranda in that hat, and as he studied its empty depths his mind pictured the important scrap fluttering along the sandy scene of his early-morning tumble.. And they would prove as terrible a warning to him as the fatal characters upon Belshazzar's wall.. There, whenever I chanced to look, I saw him kneel and pray; and there, by day and by night, a funeral hymn was chanted.. This was a combination of lecture-room and moving staircase.. Vashty! Vashty! a woman's voice sounded thin and far away.. It was small wonder that Stuhk deemed himself one of the cleverest managers in the business; that his narrow, blue-shaven face was continually chiseled in smiles of complacent self-congratulation.. She clung to me, and then withdrew, and fled fearfully from the room. 2, That under the pressure of puberty the temptation to self-abuse through the tickling of the genitals was reawakened.. Joseph, my child, said his mother, do not cry.. Oh! you are so sharp, Mr.. Look! said the Director--that is our Centenarian...


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